Nurturing Our Needs Matters

In fact, we all matter even more with Covid 19. Mattering matters.

November 13, 2020 1:00 pm


Take time out to Pause and be with how you are on this continuing journey with the all about the Coronavirus and ‘its ‘ever changing story. Hold  “it’  fresh in the moment of our webinar.

Each week we will share how this Pause comes in us and between us.

The webinar will be led by a different person each week–and we invite you to offer something here. And each week participants have the opportunity to experience freshly what is their life-forward movement. 

  • An interactive experience of  your body’s own knowing of safety linking the interconnection between your  “Head Brain” and your “Body Brain.”
  • An interactive dialogue and feedback on what touched you freshly in the moment of ‘being with’ it.

From the moment of our birth, our living experiences of our life are formed in our body’s memories, they are held in the tissues of our being and in the marrow of our bones.


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