Light Art Healing in Arabic

The art healing session will help us pass through the trauma in Beirut

August 09, 2020 9:00 am


Our children need our support now.

A lot of psychologists are helping, in my turn, I would like to give an art healing session for children. I will start by telling them a story, then we will continue with painting to help them express their emotions.

Parents must be there to listen and to connect with what their children are expressing and how they are dealing with things around them daily.

At the end of the session, Derek McDonnell will give advices to parents on how we help child to better deal with all what is happening around during this crisis.
We don’t want them to grow with such pain. We will help them to release it so they will be able to continue their childhood smoothly.

Derek McDonnell has been a focusing trainer for 20 years and has worked in the areas of social care, mental health and child protection within the department of health in Ireland.

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