Celebration of Gene Gendlin’s Birthday!

This year come and gather to cherish his vibrant living presence, in an online gathering.

December 27, 2021 4:00 pm


This year we will celebrate Gene Gendlin’s birthday (which falls on Christmas) on Monday December 27th, at 11am EST, once again as an online event.

Last year’s gathering was a deeply meaningful and connecting experience — one that sustained us throughout the year. There was a feeling of Gene’s presence in the midst of us, warming our hearts and enlivening our minds, helping us to remember the “BIG SYSTEM” during the bleak isolation of COVID winter. Those of us who knew Gene heard stories that we had never heard before and experienced surprising new facets of this incredibly multi-dimensional man. Those of us who did not know Gene personally contributed their ways of knowing Gene and feasted on the memories of those who did.

This year come and gather to cherish his vibrant living presence. We want to experience ourselves as the interaction that carries forward his revolutionary way of thinking and being. We look forward to being together in this richly creative, flourishing community and seeing what we make in our Focusing conversation.

This event is organized by Lynn Preston, Melinda Darer and Shekufeh Zonji.

If you have ideas for the event or stories to share, let us know in advance.


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