Core Fun: Focusing and Improv

See what happens when we are both serious and we loosen up with light fun together

August 29, 2020 3:00 pm


Often we are either serious or we are able to loosen up and forget with light fun. In this workshop we are exploring what happens if we hold both.   We’ll bring in some basic Focusing principles to be sure we include those who are new to Focusing. Then we’ll do some warmup games that blend Focusing, metaphor, objects, and play.  The main activity will be discovering an aspect of ourselves that will form the basis of a character we can embody through improv.  This workshop is appropriate for Focusers, Improv people and others, though no improvisation or Focusing experience is necessary.
We ask people to bring: a smooth stone or rock that fits in your hand, an object that has some positive emotional weight (like reminding you of a loved one, or having a special meaning to you), and paper and pen.
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