Being in Grounded Presence

Being in grounded presence with some ‘background feeling’

June 27, 2020 3:00 pm


Being in grounded presence with some ‘background feeling’ (BF)—a kind of recurrent, « always feeling » and exploring a connection with the Larger Space… An exploration guided by Marine de Freminville

In this meeting, people will be invited to be with the way they feel, and to give it a safe company, offering a gentle presence to whatever is there, calling their attention.

As mentioned in other presentations, an interesting way to be with the BF is to invite yourself to draw it, using art material to express it, through shape, colours, etc. Doing so could allow something new to emerge, a new experience to arise, a new felt sense.

Then it could be interesting to let the body, well grounded, be moved by inner directed movement while holding the drawing and evoking this Background Feeling.  A gentle invitation could be offered to the body to be holding both the Grounded Presence and the Background Feeling, letting what needs to emerge to come…  

In the breakout time, participants will be invited to pay attention to whatever comes for them, after listening and experiencing the earlier guided invitations, and to share with their partners. Everything is equally worth listening to in a gentle grounded presence as it is experienced.

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