Awareness Through Movement® (Monday)

18-10-2021 6:00


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Notes from Participants:
“I find the minimal movements during the lessons evoke meaningful learning. I am more aware of that moment when my system is clear and open. I experience an instantaneous felt-sense of curiosity. I can breathe more freely and see that situations are progressing, so I find a more positive view of life. I am more and more aware of my learning as I continue the lessons with Katarina and Thinking in Movement teachers at Corona Plaza Life. I am supported in translating the lessons into a rhythm for myself. Thus I find ways to be conscientious – I find the best place for my energy and endeavours to land each day, each week, and for each project.”
 –– Alfo, Focusing trainer, Cordoba, Argentina
“These Feldenkrais classes have really helped me get in touch with my body, learn what it needs, how to calm my nervous system, and to ignite my innate energy. Thank you so much for all the presence, attention, and teaching you have done. I really appreciate it.”
–– Laurie, New Mexico
Additional References:
Halm, K. (2013). Feldenkrais® and Focusing, Complementary Practices
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* The terms Feldenkrais®, Awareness Through Movement®, and Functional Integration® are registered service marks of the FELDENKRAIS GUILD of North America (FGNA).
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