Joe Colletti

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Joseph Colletti, M.Div., S.T.M., M.Ed., CFT

Joe is no stranger to spirituality. He has been a Spiritual Director/Companion for more than twelve years. He has been published by Spiritual Directors International and offered one of their first webinars on BioSpiritual Focusing. For many years he has been actively involved with teaching BioSpiritual Focusing and serves as a member of the BioSpiritual Institute Board of Directors and the webmaster for the Institute’s website:

As a Certified Focusing Trainer, he has been an advocate for Focusing education programs. His website,, ( a resource site for educators who wish to utilize Focusing in their classrooms) is one of several Focusing-related resource website he maintains.
Joe is also the co-author of: ” Leaving a Spiritual Legacy:Writing a Spiritual Will” ( a guidebook on how to leave a written reflection on your life experiences to your grandkids and beyond..). In addition, he is the author of ” From the Heart: A Father’s Journey of Grief”.
He lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his wife Louise.