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    I took last week off

    September 20, 2020
    by Patricia Omidian

    2020 is the year of Covid-19 and whatever else the planet wants to throw our way. Even during all the self-isolation, social bubble creating and worries about what one can do to stay safe from the disease, we all have to deal with Mother Earth. She seems pretty upset with […]

    I don’t know how to answer this.  Where do I start to even answer this question? How much time do we have? How well do I know you so that I can gauge how much to tell you? Maybe you are asking after my health. I can say: I am fine. […]

      Time for a haircut?

      May 12, 2020
      by Patricia Omidian

      So! It’s been a couple of months since I got to walk into my favorite hair salon and get a cut from one of the few people on the planet capable of giving my thick and straight as a board hair the cut that works. With any other person, I […]

        How are all y’all doin?

        April 19, 2020
        by Patricia Omidian

        I read the news and worry. So many people are tired of being told to stay home. Even TV pundits are speaking out, wondering if we need to stay isolated. People are shown in the streets–claiming their “constitutional rights.”  This reaction is no surprise.  The analogy for me is the […]

          New ways to connect

          April 10, 2020
          by Patricia Omidian

          Somehow, in spite of the distance between us and the glitches in the technology, I feel like I am connected to people I am meeting around the world. As I do each webinar, as a facilitator or as a participant, I feel like I am grounded in the present and […]